LGAs and Counties information in Wimmera.

The Wimmera is a country region in the state of Victoria, Australia. The main LGAs in the region are Northern Grampians, Horsham, Hindmarsh, Yarriambiack, West Wimmera.

General Information about Wimmera
Name Wimmera
State Victoria
LGAs 5

List of Places in Wimmera

Name County
Black Range Northern Grampians
Lubeck Yarriambiack
Pimpinio Horsham
Ozenkadnook West Wimmera
Kewell Yarriambiack
Rainbow Hindmarsh
Areegra Yarriambiack
Horsham Horsham
Carapooee West Northern Grampians
Nurcoung West Wimmera

List of LGAs in Wimmera

Name ASGC Region
Northern Grampians 25810 Wimmera
Horsham 23190 Wimmera
Hindmarsh 22980 Wimmera
Yarriambiack 27630 Wimmera
West Wimmera 26890 Wimmera
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Name Victoria
Nickname The Garden State, The Place to Be