LGAs and Counties information in Southwest.

The Southwest is a country region in the state of Victoria, Australia. The main LGAs in the region are Surf Coast, Queenscliffe, Colac-Otway, Golden Plains, Greater Geelong.

General Information about Southwest
Name Southwest
State Victoria
LGAs 5

List of Places in Southwest

Name County
Cape Otway Colac-Otway
Thomson Greater Geelong
Meredith Golden Plains
Aire Valley Colac-Otway
Teesdale Golden Plains
Bamganie Golden Plains
Saint Albans Park Greater Geelong
Pirron Yallock Colac-Otway
Yeo Colac-Otway
Kennett River Colac-Otway

List of LGAs in Southwest

Name ASGC Region
Surf Coast 26490 Southwest
Queenscliffe 26080 Southwest
Colac-Otway 21750 Southwest
Golden Plains 22490 Southwest
Greater Geelong 22750 Southwest
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Name Victoria
Nickname The Garden State, The Place to Be